Easy Tips: How To Find Things To Do In Boston

Taking a vacation to Boston can be a great idea. There are a lot of things to do, and a lot of things to see. There are historic sites, places to eat, and fun for the family. With so many things to do, how do you go about finding the right places? Here are some ideas.

Talk To Friends

If you have friends who have been to Boston, make plans to talk to them about their experience. They can tell you about the places they have been and what is worth seeing. They can also tell you where they stayed and the restaurants that they ate at. If you have any questions about how to get around in Boston, they should be able to help you with that too.

If you don’t know anyone who has been, ask around to see if any of your friends know someone that could help. A friend could have a mom or a co-worker who has been recently that would be willing to talk with you. Your network can be a good resource for any information you are looking for if you are able to ask them.

Read Websites

You can also go to websites to read more about Boston and all the fun things you can do there. If you have kids, you can look for kid-friendly websites to find ideas. There are a lot of historical sites in Boston, and you can use the internet to learn more about those too. On the different websites, you should be able to read reviews as well as learn about hours and how much each of the places cost.

Make sure to bookmark the sites you want to go back to or that look interesting. They would be handy to pull up later on when it gets closer to your trip. Take a look at the photos on the websites to give you an idea of what to expect when you visit.

Social Media

Social media is a wonderful place to gain information these days. You can follow accounts for pages based in Boston as well as the pages for each of the different things you can do while you are there. There should be reviews on some of the accounts as well as people talking about their personal experiences there. If you see a lot of negative reviews for a certain activity, it would be best to stay away.

Many times people will hashtag a certain location or even Boston and you can do a search that way. You can read what people have to say as well as view their photos. This can give you a good idea of what different places are like and help you decide where you want to go when you visit there.


Books can also be a good resource for those wanting to find out about Boston and what there is to do there. Make sure the guidebooks are recent and have information that still applies. If the book is too old, you might find that activity or experience is no longer there. You can visit your local bookstore or even your library to look for guidebooks that you can use to help plan your trip.

However you find out about what to do in Boston, you should have a good time. There is something there for everyone, from the single person to the family with children. Give yourself enough time to plan what you will do when you visit and you should have an amazing time when you are in Boston.