Overall Benefits Of Concierge Medicine

The American healthcare system is in shambles and proving to be inefficient, expensive and often doesn’t produce positive results. Direct primary care can address all of the mentioned medicare problems. So, what is concierge medicine? It’s a branch of healthcare that’s concerned with forging closer relationships between patients and their primary care provider; the patient pays a monthly or annual retainer fee for services provided. It provides a more personalized service with the medical evaluation focused on detecting health and lifestyle conditions that may develop an illness. Here are some of the benefits of concierge medicine.

Longer And Frequent Appointments

The most significant difference between a traditional primary caregiver and concierge medicine is the time taken with the patients. A conventional doctor spends about seven to eight minutes with a patient while a concierge spends at least 30 minutes. They get to meet their patients more frequently and for more extended periods while focusing on the current health baseline condition. These doctors forge relationships with patients and have a deep understanding of every patient’s well-being and medical history.

Practitioners Are More Available

The good thing about having a concierge doctor like https://www.fivejourneys.com/concierge-medicine/ on speed dial is that they will be there whenever you need them day or night. You will be paying for a 24-hour service, and that’s precisely what you’ll get with these sort of doctors. By having 24-hour access to your physician, you can text, Skype, email and call your doctor as needed. They can advise and answer any health inquiries even after business hours. The doctors also guarantee the same day and next-day medical appointments.

Concierge Doctors Provide Preventive Care

Spending more time with a patient means you will be more conversant with their medical problem, which means you can focus on the test results and find a suitable solution. By reviewing the test results more keenly, the concierge physicians can get to the underlying cause of the problem and build a preventative diagnostic from the findings. Their services can help detect chronic and fatal issues way early before they get a chance to develop. This means a timely treatment will ensue, saving you on the pain and costs of reactive medicine.

Concierge Medicine is Cost-Effective

Healthcare is a very complicated issue in the states and encompasses a whole range of financial and insurance requirements. Going for more preventive measures is the way to go rather than waiting for the illness to attack. Conventional doctors will order tests and procedures to diagnose what’s happening to your body. These treatments lead to the increment of patient health cost that is often out of pocket range. A concierge doctor will have better insight as to their patients’ health while giving them wellness coaching tips that can improve their overall health.

Healthcare is a big industry in the U.S., but it can prove to be inefficient and cumbersome at times. There are cases when potentially life-saving treatment may be too expensive for the middle-class of working age to afford. Through concierge medicine, a more proactive and preventive approach will be used rather than waiting for the condition to turn chronic for it to be addressed.